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IAM Group Ltd Views "Charity Begins At Home"

IAm Group Ltd

My father was a seminarian before he married my mother and had us. Even when he already has a family to provide for, he still makes it a point to volunteer and give out to a charity in Yokohama, Japan through IAM Group Ltd., a loose Christian group who raises money for charities. The specific charity my father had signed up in has a cause to help little girls who were victims of prostitution. He reasons out that as a father of three daughters, he feels inclined to help those girls who have been illegally exploited.


You think it was a bliss living in our household with a father who has a very good heart to extend his help to some unknown institute when he is only earning meager salary as a construction worker. My mother often complains that the money that should have been used for our necessary needs have been “wasted away” to his beloved charity.


As a father, daddy never lacked for all the intangible things that he can provide for us. He is such a loving and caring father. My classmates often get jealous when he would fetch us from school with my mom when they only have their mothers to do that for them. My father makes it a point to always be at every recital, every birthday and every special occasion in his children’s life. One thing was lacking though: we never had the good things little kids should have while growing. We have our toys, yes, but most of the time, we improvised.


I would remember hating my father for this, especially when he and my mom started arguing about these things in front of us. As the eldest of three growing young girls, I see my sisters growing up without good toys and we learned to sacrifice at a very young age. I even remember one time when my mom was fixing our clothes and daddy saw some of the clothes that we have already outgrown. He, as charitable as he is, suggested that we should give it out. My mom had gone very cross at that time and I was also angry. I guess I was jealous to those kids my father helps out. It seemed he cares for them more than he does for us.


I rebelled while growing up and, unfortunately, got pregnant at the age of 16. It was sort of a revenge for my father but I never planned the pregnancy. The father of my son left me and not being in good terms with my father, I never went to him for help. I struggled my way to raise my child, sometimes, to the point of suicide. Somehow, my conscience always wins. However, that sudden twist of my life taught me some few things that helped me understand my father.


With all the struggles that I have went through, I have experienced borrowing money from people I don’t even know. I experienced being judged and being called names because of the mistakes that I made. More than ever, I needed charity of other people to survive. I came to realize the importance of my father’s kindness to those young children who were victims of prostitution. I even felt like one of them and to think that I have been envious of them and I have loathed them because they have my father’s attention.

I have stood up to my feet and although I earn little money from being a waitress in a restaurant, I am raising my kid well. I have also reconciled with my father who is now living with my mother peacefully but is still actively giving to his charity. As for me, I decided to join IAM Group Limited and my chosen charity is those of young mothers who are slowly standing on their feet through the help of people like me.


Source: http://www.i-am-groupltd.com/charity-begins-at-home/#sthash.MY8yOJ4W.dpuf

Source: http://www.i-am-groupltd.com/charity-begins-at-home